Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weekly Meal Planning, Week of 5.28.12

I hope you're all having a fun Memorial Day weekend with your families and friends. It's always a fun weekend for my family; we have cook-outs and go to flea markets. I also hosted my cooking club at our house for Greek night last night, which was a blast, so this has definitely been a great weekend so far -- and will only get better with the addition of family cook-outs this evening and tomorrow.

Of course, Memorial Day is much more than just BBQ weekend/the offical start to summer. My Facebook wall is peppered with patriotic photos remembering our fallen soldiers, but even without those reminders, my family will be taking time to honor the real reason for this holiday. Two and a half years ago, we lost a very dear friend in Afghanistan, who was fighting for our freedoms and made the ultimate sacrifice. Tomorrow, we'll visit the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial (which happens to be in our town) in honor of him and the countless others who've sacrified their lives so that we can live ours in freedom. I hope you all take a moment to honor that sacrifice as well.

On to the menu for the week. I didn't realize this as I was planning our meals, but every single one of these dinners involves chicken. Good thing there was a crazy good sale on it this week!

Monday: We have a Memorial Day cook-out in the afternoon. We're also going to be swimming, and I'm betting we'll be too tired to mess with dinner -- so I'm not even bothering to plan anything.

Tuesday: Penne with chicken and vegetables in roasted garlic cream sauce, garlic bread. I didn't get to this meal last week. I think I'm going to grill the chicken, but I'll keep everything else the same.

Wednesday: Grilled chicken marinated in Italian dressing, baked potatoes, corn on the cob. This is probably one of my favorite summer meals; it's simple and always delicious.

Thursday: Joe has softball practice, so this has sort of become the night when the boys and I get out of the house and do something fun. Last week we went to the toy store, and this week, I think a walk to the ice cream parlor is in order. We'll just grab something quick for dinner.

Friday: Tex-Mex chicken and white cheddar spaghetti. This looks simple and delicious, and white cheddar is one of my favorite cheeses.

Saturday: Chicken parmesan casserole and salad. YUM.

Sunday: BBQ chicken enchiladas, Mexican sour cream rice. I haven't completely conceptualized these enchiladas yet; however, I know that they will involve cream cheese, Sweet Baby Ray's honey chipotle BBQ sauce, and chipotle enchilada sauce. So how could they not be good?

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