Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekly Meal Planning, Weeks of 12.19.11 and 12.26.11

I’m doing something a little bit different with the meal plan this week: I’m posting two weeks’ worth of meals. Yesterday I did all my shopping for two weeks’ worth of groceries (plus cookie baking supplies; today’s the day!), and now I don’t have to worry about shopping for anything but a few staples and fresh produce for the rest of the year. That, plus the fact that my Christmas shopping is done, makes me very, very happy.

You'll notice there is lots of chicken. Chicken was on sale.

December 19: Chicken scampi and breadsticks. This recipe is really nothing fancy – just chicken and bell peppers served over boxed pasta. I’ve been making it for a long time, without shame!

December 20: Eggnog pancakes, hash browns, sausage patties. I’m not a huge fan of eggnog just to drink (although all three of the guys I live with are!), but I enjoy it in things for sure. I’m excited to try these pancakes!

December 21: Chicken bacon ranch sandwiches and fries. You know I'm a fan of this flavor combo!

December 22: Rigatoni with chicken, bacon and mushrooms

December 23: Pizza from our favorite local place

December 24: Christmas Eve dinner

December 25: Christmas dinner

December 26: Crock pot cream cheese chicken chili topped with tortilla strips and avocado. As soon as I saw this in Amanda’s weekly wrap-up, I knew I’d be making it. I mean, duh.

December 27: Creamy baked chicken taquitos with lime-cilantro dressing. These are a family favorite!

December 28: Loaded sweet potato soup with candied bacon, rolls

December 29: Pretzel ranch chicken tenders, revolutionary macaroni and cheese, steamed broccoli. I’m kind of hoping I still have some dressing left from Tuesday for these chicken tenders, because it would make them even better.

December 30: Baked sour cream chicken (I’ll share the recipe this week), rice pilaf, and green beans

December 31: Roasted garlic mac and cheese. This will be the second time I’ve made this mac and cheese this month. It is so delicious, and a hit with my entire family! I can’t think of a better dish to close out the year with. And as Rachael Ray says, two garlics cancel each other out, so Joe and I won’t have to worry about that during our midnight kiss. :)

January 1: We’ll be having a big New Year’s Day dinner mid-afternoon, so I don’t know how hungry we’ll be for dinner.


The Home Cook said...

I'm seriously drooling. I printed the recipes for the rigatoni, crockpot chili, and the roasted garlic mac and cheese. Yum!!!

B said...

I have to try your pretzel ranch chicken tenders soon!