Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekly Meal Planning, Week of 4.9.12

Happy Monday! Except, not really. I am definitely having a “case of the Mondays” today. So far today, I’ve: misplaced a favorite pair of earrings; forgotten to wash the conditioner out of my hair; grabbed a pillowcase instead of pants when I was getting dressed; had to return home for something that I forgot on my way to work, making me late; and dealt with irritating computer issues. It’s all been REALLY VERY FUN HAHA.

I did, however, have a very Happy Easter, and I hope all of you did too. The boys had so much fun and were on a major sugar high for most of the day, until crashing for the night before 7:00. The silence that came after they went to bed was very welcome, that’s for sure. And check out this bird’s nest we found while walking around Joe’s aunt’s property after our Easter dinner:

Such a cool thing to see on a beautiful, spring-like Easter Sunday!

The menu this week was thrown together literally right before I went shopping on Friday. There are a couple of egg-based meals, since Joe over-bought eggs when they were on sale a week ago and we have more on hand than we could possibly eat or dye.

Monday: Southwestern breakfast wraps. I’ll definitely share the recipe for these; they’re going to be something I just throw together. I find that I’m not very enthusiastic about cooking on Mondays (especially not this Monday!), so this meal should come together quickly for us – and be absolutely delicious, too!

Tuesday: Grilled Cajun ranch chicken pasta. It’s supposed to be a little chilly tomorrow, but I’m hoping Joe will still be willing to fire up the grill for this pasta dish, which I never got around to making when it was on the menu a month or so ago.

Wednesday: Spinach and feta omelets with roasted tomato jam, strawberries and blackberries, toast. I’m pumped for this meal; the omelets are one of my very favorite flavor profiles.

Thursday: Black bean and salsa soup, cheese quesadillas. Another simple meal for another night of the week that I typically find myself unmotivated to cook dinner. Even the boys like this soup.

Friday: BBQ chicken pizza. Not this one (which is delicious in its own right). I’m making this particular pizza to mimic one I had with my best friend when we went out for appetizers and drinks before a concert last week. It was so delicious, and I can’t wait to see how my at-home version turns out.

Saturday: Baked chicken penne. I have sundried tomatoes on hand for another recipe, which is one of those luxurious ingredients I hardly ever buy, so I’m eager to use the ones I have left over in this pasta dish.

Sunday: Pesto-fredo Crock pot chicken over whole wheat spaghetti. This chicken looks easy and delicious. (I made up my own name for it. A little hobby of mine.)

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Sarah - The Home Cook said...

Yum! The chicken and pasta sounds divine. Can't wait to see how it turns out.