Friday, October 7, 2011

Sweet Acorns

I love being That Mom. You know, the one who always brings fun, creative snacks for her kids’ classes and makes homemade gifts for the teachers. When my boys are in actual school, time allowing, I’m sure I will be That Mom who makes the fancy little Bento box lunches every day until they tell me to stop (which they will, because they are boys, and boys eventually stop thinking cutesy things like that are cool).

I always look forward to Andrew’s snack day at preschool. His snack day in September happened to fall during their “Fall Into Fall” themed week, so I knew these adorable doughnut hole snacks would be perfect. They literally only took minutes to make, and they look just like acorns! They fit right in with the kids’ theme, and as suspected, they were universally loved. According to Andrew's teacher, some of the kids even pretended to be squirrels and tried to hoard as many doughnut holes as they could in their cheeks. :)

Sweet Acorns
from Gracious Rain

Doughnut holes (I used glazed, but if you can find pumpkin ones that would be fun)
Chocolate frosting
Chocolate sprinkles
Pretzel matchsticks

Slather some chocolate frosting on the top third of a doughnut hole. Roll in sprinkles. Repeat with remaining doughnut holes. For the “stem,” stick a pretzel in the center of each top.


Stephanie said...

Super cute!

Desi said...

Cassie these are adorable! I've seen different takes on the sweet acorn, I've gotta try this one too!! :)