Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stuffed Crust Pizza

I feel a little bit silly even posting this recipe, because it’s incredibly semi-homemade and so simple, but it’s such a crowd-pleaser in my house that I can’t not post it.

If there are two things that both of my sons love, it’s string cheese and pizza. One night when Joe wasn’t home and I didn’t feel like cooking anything too involved, I decided to combine these two loves to make my own at-home version of stuffed crust pizza. It was definitely a hit, and has been requested frequently ever since.

This really couldn’t be simpler. Pull the edges of refrigerated pizza dough (you could of course make your own) up over string cheese, add your toppings and bake as normal. Voila! Stuffed crust pizza at home. My favorite thing about it is that some of the cheese oozes out of the crust, so the entire bottom half of each pizza slice is pure cheese. Does it get any better than that?

Stuffed Crust Pizza

1 refrigerated rectangular pizza crust
String Cheese
Pizza Sauce
Toppings of choice

1. Preheat the oven to the temperature listed on the package. Place string cheese around edges of crust and fold crust up and over, pinching to seal the edges. Pre-bake crust as directed on package.

2. Add pizza sauce and toppings of choice. Bake as directed until crust is crispy and browned.


Avril said...

Love it! Simple and easy and of course super YUM!

viagra online said...

hhmm I have always bought stuffed crust pizza because I love it, but I never thought I could make my own stuffed crust pizza at home, thanks! :D

Cheese with Noodles said...

I make stuffed crust pizza the same way (using homemade pizza dough)! I like this version much more than stuffed crust pizza from restaurants, the cheese in the crusts of restaurant pizzas is always an odd texture.