Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekly Meal Planning, Week of 8.8.11

As suspected, I didn't get through a lot of the meals I'd planned for last week. We did a lot of on-the-fly dinners (one of which turned out to be a huge hit, and something I'll definitely make again -- I'll share it tomorrow) and ate out a few times. I'm sure those meals from last week will show up on a future meal plan, but here's what I cobbled together for this week.

Monday: Sweet potato and black bean foil packet tacos, taco rice. I've had the sweet potatoes for these tacos on hand for a few weeks now, and I really need to use them, so this meal will definitely be made this week. It's delicious, so I'm more than happy to make it. The taco rice is just taco-flavored rice from a packet, but to make it a little more special, I mix it up with some shredded cheese and sour cream before serving.

Tuesday: Spaghetti with summer vegetable sauce. This pasta dish reminds me a lot of the flavors of the summer vegetable and pesto tart we all loved so much last year, so I'm sure we'll enjoy it.

Wednesday: Brats on the grill with sauerkraut, macaroni and cheese (a pre-packaged version, so not the healthiest, but it was only $1 this week at the grocery store so my cheapness wins out)

Thursday: Spinach-artichoke pizza. The credit for this idea goes to my friend Jessie, who recently told me about a similar pizza she had. Basically, it involves making spinach-artichoke dip, spreading it on pizza crust, and topping it with tomatoes and cheese before baking. Yes please!

Friday: Probably Chinese take-out or pizza. At the end of my first week back to work after vacation, I'm gonna need a break. We may end up taking the boys to one of the fast food restaurants around here that has a play area; we did that this past week, and we all had a blast.

Saturday: Bacon cheeseburger sloppy joes, fries. As you can tell, I'm doing lots of experimenting this week. We'll see how these sloppy joes turn out. If they taste anything like they do in my head, they'll be delicious.

Sunday: Pizza tortellini alfredo. Yet another experiment involving tons of sauce, tons of cheese, tons of pepperoni, and some cheese tortellini thrown in for good measure.

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