Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekly Meal Planning

free logo designI know it's not "officially" fall yet, but the fact that it's September now is enough to make me want to get out my sweaters and light our pumpkin-scented candles and beg Joe to build a bonfire in the back yard. Plus, it's really starting to feel like fall around here. Fall is my favorite season for many reasons, and chiefly among those reasons is the food. Hearty soups and comforting casseroles, apples and pumpkins, CHILI -- it's my kind of food, and I'm definitely ready for it this year. As you can probably tell, my menu for the week reflects that.

Monday -- Soup or Salad: Since it's Labor Day, we'll be grilling out with Joe's family like we do every year. We'll be having a feast of hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, pasta salad, fresh fruit, homemade ice know, all the traditional cook-out goodies. We'll be saying goodbye to summer in style, and will mostly like be way too full to eat anything substantial for dinner.

Tuesday -- Pasta: Zucchini alfredo, parmesan knots (because we eat garlic bread way too much and I need another recipe in my arsenal)
The baby had croup and we were too exhausted to cook anything. So fast food was the solution, unfortunately. I will be putting this meal on the back burner, though, because I really want to try this pasta.

Wednesday -- Grilling: Steaks, baked potatoes, Worcestershire-glazed vegetable medley, grilled banana sundaes. This is probably the last time we'll be using the grill before we put it away for the year, so we're being pretty traditional this week and eating our favorite grilled meal. Plus dessert! I'll be sure to share the vegetable medley recipe -- it's so simple and flavorful and one of Joe's favorite ways to eat vegetables.

Thursday -- Quick and Easy: Crispy chicken wraps, potato chips. This is one of our favorite go-to meals. I just buy a package of fried chicken tenders from the deli counter, then heat them in the microwave and wrap them in four tortillas along with some shredded cheese (we usually use colby), shredded lettuce, and ranch dressing (for me) or buffalo wing sauce (for Joe). Quick, easy, and absolutely delicious.

Friday -- Burgers and Fries: Manchego-stuffed pork burgers, Spanish rice (-a-Roni. Cut me some slack, it's Friday!)

Saturday -- Regional or International: Lasagna, leftover parmesan knots. Joe's favorite meal, for the first (of many!) times this season. I'm looking forward to this dinner probably even more than he is, since pretty much anything containing red sauce = love to me right now.

Sunday -- Comfort Food: Biscuits over creamed chicken. One of my mom's specialties, and one of my all-time favorite comfort foods. I'm craving it fiercely this week.

Weekend Breakfast: Scrambled eggs in potato nests, sausage links

Baking: Vampire cupcakes, in honor of the True Blood finale on Sunday night. I'm sad my favorite show is ending for another season, but I'm so excited to make these cupcakes! My stepmom and stepsister, who come over every week to watch the show, are just going to love them. I'm also making my version of roasted red pepper dip to serve with pita chips (the finished product is more orange than red, but you get the idea -- you'll also get the recipe next week) and I might try my hand at these mini Texas sheet cakes, too (since most of this season took place in Dallas -- how clever am I?). It should be a fun evening!


Lisa K said...

LOVE Texas Sheet Cake! I was just thinking that I need to make some but remembered that I'm out of flour. =(

Debbie said...

Someday, someday I will get myself as organized as your reading your weekly meal planning. It all sounds great Cassie!