Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekly Meal Planning

Short and sweet this week, as we're leaving soon for the zoo (hoping and praying that the rain holds off).

Last week's meal plan was a big ol' FAIL for the most part. My husband has been on vacation, and we've been doing lots of fun family-type things, so I'm finding it nearly impossible to do anything productive -- and that includes cooking. Hopefully this week I'll do better!

Monday -- Soup or Casserole: French onion soup, roast beef panini. This was on the menu last week, but we ate leftovers instead, so we're having it this week. I really, really want to eat this meal.

Tuesday -- Pasta: BBQ shrimp and buttered noodles, salad, crusty bread. The BBQ is back, baby!

Wednesday -- Free Night: Sausage-stuffed baked apples, salad Unexpected guests showed up (with a beef roast!) so we ate that along with some mashed potatoes and broccoli. I'll be moving this to a later menu, because it just screams fall to me.

Thursday -- Quick and Easy: Grilled cheese sandwiches, steak fries, pickles. Joe will probably request that I put ham on his sandwiches, but it'll just be straight-up American cheese for Andrew and me. (Why yes, sometimes I do like to eat like a three-year-old, why do you ask?)

Friday -- Burgers and Fries: Patty melts with special sauce, steak fries. I know, I know, buttered bread and melty processed cheese and fries two nights in a row -- but that's what the baby wants, and I must indulge him.

Saturday -- Regional or International: Arroz con pollo, cheesy drop biscuits (with Spanish olives folded into the batter) It was Joe's grandma's birthday, so we went out to dinner with his family. I'm definitely coming back to this one sometime in the near future, though. FOR SURE. It sounds so delicious.

Sunday -- Comfort Food: Spaghetti pie, salad

Weekend Breakfast: Banana nut pancakes and bacon

Baking: Chocolate truffle cookies
. Also, pumpkin pie snickerdoodle bars. I didn't get to make these last weekend because we were really busy, so now I have to make them as soon as possible. I can't stop thinking about them. It's not really fall to me until I've cooked with pumpkin!


Debbie said...

Every time I read your weekly meal planning I keep telling myself that I am going to start doing this too...such a good idea! You will have to post pics of the spaghetti of my favorites!

Sonya said...

I would like to come over for dinner on Tuesday,Thursday(love grilled cheese too!),friday,saturday and sunday..thanks! LOL