Friday, November 30, 2012

November Re-Make Re-Cap

We enjoyed quite a few of our favorite dishes this month, and just typing up this post right now is making me hungry for so many of these things. I guess that's because they're some of our favorites, huh? :)

These Cajun ranch chicken sandwiches are definitely near the top of my list of favorite sandwiches, ever. I just love the way the ranch cools down the spicy Cajun-seasoned chicken. Add in some bacon for smokiness and some tangy Swiss cheese, and these sandwiches are just perfect.

I actually made this chicken parmesan pasta three times this month. This is a meal that my family acutally asks for by name (the boys call it "chicken nugget pasta"), and it's so delicious and simple that I'm happy to comply with this request as often as they make it.

Out of all the different types of burgers I've made (and there are a lot!), I'm pretty sure these Marsala burgers are my favorite. They're so decadent and flavorful. I didn't add the onion when I made them this time, and I really didn't miss it. I was too busy moaning over the deliciousness of those boozy mushrooms and that smoky melted cheese.

Speaking of deliciousness, that's what these Southwestern BBQ shredded chicken sandwiches are in a nutshell. Gah, I just love them, and they're so beautiful to look at too.

I guess this was a month of sandwiches for us, huh? We love these Cuban sandwiches, and since the pork cooks ahead of time, they're a perfect meal for a busy weeknight. I used our leftover pork for the shredded pork po' boys I shared earlier this week.

I made a giant batch of these candy bar cookies to get rid of a bunch of the boys' Halloween candy. What I love about these cookies is that they're so adaptable; you can use whatever mix-ins you like. I also love how crispy they are. I'm a big fan of crispy cookies. Actually, I'm just a big fan of cookies in general.

Surprise! Another sandwich! These pulled chicken Suiza sandwiches are like a Mexican version of a traditional shredded chicken sandwich. Even the boys love these.

Taco rice is one of our favorite dinners ever. I could seriously eat this stuff three times a week and never, ever get sick of it.

I made these pesto chicken crescent pockets for the second time this month, and they went over so well with my family that I'm pretty sure they'll be a montly occurrence from now on. 

As I do every year for Thanksgiving, this year I made my mom's sweet potato casserole. Everyone loves this dish, and there are never leftovers -- much to Joe's chagrin, since it's one of his favorite things in the world to eat and he only gets it once a year.

I was craving roast beef last week, so I put this roast beef with mushroom gravy on our menu. I used the leftovers for -- you guessed it -- another version of a po' boy! (The verdict: both the shredded pork and roast beef versions were delicious, but the pork was slightly better.)

My boys are starting to enjoy soup more, so I've been taking advantage of that as much as possible and making it more often. I made this cream cheese potato soup for dinner last night, and they loved it. It had been a while since I'd made it, so I'd completely forgotten how absolutely delicious it is. I served it with bacon grilled cheese sandwiches, because Will insisted that bacon be part of our meal in some way. He's a good boy. I'm so proud.

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