Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekly Meal Planning, Week of 9.5.11

It’s Labor Day weekend, which in my head always feels like the final weekend of summer. Even though fall doesn’t officially begin until the end of the month, the minute the calendar turns to September, I’m thinking about all things pumpkin-, football-, Halloween- and apple-related. Looking over this week’s menu, it’s clear to me that the meals I’ve planned reflect this shift in my thinking. I hope you’re all enjoying your long weekend, saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall!

(And P.S.: If you're looking for something to take to a family cook-out this weekend, check out this list of my Labor Day favorites for some ideas!)

Monday: Labor Day cook-out, so no cooking for me!

Tuesday: Pork chops with horseradish apples, roasted broccoli. Apples, roasted veggies...yep, I'm definitely getting in the fall state of mind.

Wednesday: Spaghetti tacos. I can't wait to try these!

Thursday: Hot dogs, macaroni and cheese (a stove-top recipe I've made a few times and haven't shared yet, but I will soon, I promise!)

Friday: Chicken pillows, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli. I've been meaning to make chicken pillows for a while now and just hadn't gotten around to it yet. But one of my readers (hi, Brittany!) recently e-mailed me to tell me how good they were, so I knew I had to put them on the menu as soon as I could!

Saturday: Roasted cauliflower, leek, and garlic soup, grilled cheese sandwiches. Roasted garlic, roasted cauliflower...I can pretty much guarantee you that I'm going to love this soup.

Sunday: Roasted sweet potatoes with black bean chili, Mexican sour cream rice. I've discovered that sweet potatoes and black beans together is one of my favorite savory flavor combinations, and I love the way they're combined in this recipe.

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Yay for chicken pillows! :o)