Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekly Meal Planning, Week of 9.12.11

Monday: Chicken bacon ranch chili, adapted from this Rachael Ray recipe.

Tuesday: Autumn chopped salad. Just one of the (many) delicious-sounding recipes I’ve found through Pinterest.

Wednesday: Pretzel-crusted chicken with pepper-jack cheese sauce, steamed broccoli, rice pilaf. Chicken with a spicy, cheesy sauce? Yes please!

Thursday: Creamed chicken over biscuits. One of my mama’s specialties, and still one of my favorites. I actually think this recipe deserves a new post with an updated photo.

Friday: Taco rice. A quick, easy, and yummy dinner for a Friday night.

Saturday: Braised beef with potatoes and tomatoes, garlic bread. This is Rachael Ray's Italian grandpa's recipe, so I know it's going to be amazing!

Sunday: Vegetable lasagna, salad. It's finally cool enough for lasagna again! Yay!


Desi said...

Cassie, looks like a great week! Thanks for this... I'm gonna put that pretzel chicken on this week's menu plan because I have pretzels, cheddar cheese, and chicken to use up :). And your mama's creamed chicken over biscuits also looks delish! I may make that too this week and adapt it a bit because I also have refrigerated biscuits to use!!

Debbie said...

Love the vegetable lasagna but of course everything looks great!!!

Desi said...

I'm not making the pretzel chicken this week... those pretzels we had in the pantry are old so I took it off of the menu plan... in case you were wondering why it wasn't on there :) But we're making your creamed chicken! Looks delish!