Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekly Meal Planning, Week of 2.7.11

I've done an okay job sticking with my meal plans so far this year, but I could definitely be doing better. The goal this week is to stick to the plan exactly -- no take-out and no laziness. I'm still fighting off a cold (and failing), so this should be a little bit challenging. Thankfully most of the meals I've planned are pretty low-maintenance, which should make sticking with it much easier.

: Creamy chicken and wild rice soup, rolls

Tuesday: Garlic spaghetti, garlic bread. I saw Melissa D'Arabian make this spaghetti on a recent episode of her show, and I'm so excited to try it.

Wednesday: Crescent sausage and egg bake (carry-over from last week)

Thursday: Pizza macaroni and cheese -- a hopefully delicious experiment.

Friday: No cooking

Saturday: Crock pot ham and beans with corn muffins. I've had a serious craving for my mom's ham and beans lately, and this recipe sounds pretty close to hers.

Sunday: Crescent roll lasagna
(carry-over from a couple of weeks ago)


Allison said...

Did you actually see the Garlic Spaghetti recipe on TV, too? I got the recipe from Stephanie Cooks (who had seen the recipe on TV) and am planning to make it sometime this week, too :)

Brittney said...

I made the spaghetti and it was delish! I also made the bean bruschetta.

Desi said...

Can I come eat on Wed and Sun!?!