Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly Meal Planning, Week of 2.22.10

I cannot believe February is almost over. I have to say that I'm quite ready for March to arrive. Hopefully March will bring an end to all the snow we've had and the beginning of spring. March is also my birthday month. I'll be 27 this year -- I'm starting to feel so old! Okay, so I don't feel old exactly; I just can't believe I'm only three years away from 30. Most days I still feel like a kid.

Anyway, here's the last meal plan for February. I'm really looking forward to eating everything I have planned this week!

Monday: Toasted ravioli with red pepper sauce over spinach

Tuesday: Chicken and cheese crescent chimichangas. These are so good I could eat them once a week!

Wednesday: White chili. I've been wanting to try this all winter, and I'm running out of winter!

Thursday: Broccoli pie, salad

Friday: Chinese take-out. Because I'm not Super Woman, and take-out Chinese is the one food I'll never be able to give up, no matter what.

Saturday: Crock pot chicken soft tacos

: Appetizer night! This is just my excuse to make more spicy sausage dip. I also can't wait to try this white pizza dip. I think it'll be delicious with some crusty bread!

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Cara said...

I ADORE the idea of appetizer night! I've got so many great-sounding dips and appetizers I want to try, but I always thought I needed to wait for a "dip" occasion. Not anymore!! A couple of appetizers, paired with a salad, and you've got yourself a meal! :)