Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekly Meal Planning

Short and sweet today, since I have a lot to do before I leave to see Julie and Julia this afternoon. FINALLY. I'm so excited!!

: Egg salad club sandwiches, fresh fruit (probably sliced pears, because they looked absolutely gorgeous at the store yesterday)

Tuesday: Cream cheese- and pesto-stuffed chicken breasts, garlic and cheese orzo, steamed broccoli

Wednesday: Sausage-stuffed baked apples, salad. I had these on the menu a few weeks ago, but unexpected guests prevented me from preparing them. So this meal has been long-anticipated.

Thursday: Crispy chicken wraps, chips

Friday: Mom's shredded chicken sandwiches, baked beans. When the weather starts cooling down, I start missing my mom even more, so making one of her tried-and-true specialties is always comforting for me. The recipe is so simple, but I'll probably share it with you anyway, just because it's so delicious. (The baked beans are just the canned version, doctored up with some bacon, onions, and -- of course -- BBQ sauce. I'm not Superwoman, especially on Fridays, and the canned ones taste great to me.)

Saturday: Leftover shredded chicken sandwiches, chips. These sandwiches taste even better the next day.

Sunday: Arroz con pollo, cheesy drop biscuits (with Spanish olives folded into the batter). Another meal I didn't get the chance to make a couple of weeks ago, another meal I've been eager to try.

Weekend Breakfast: Maple sausage and cheese muffins

Baking: Frozen pumpkin squares. And because that's not really "baking" (and I'll have half a can of pumpkin left over anyway), I'm also going to make these pumpkin brownies. The only grocery store in our area carrying canned pumpkin (due to the "pumpkin shortage," which I still don't understand) happens to be the store my husband manages, so I've made sure that we're stocked! I need my pumpkin this fall, more than ever.

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