Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekly Meal Planning

I mentioned in one of my posts last week that I'm trying to do more consistent meal planning. I've always been good at going through cookbooks and writing down meals I want to make, and then referring to that list when I'm not sure what to have for dinner, but it isn't something I do on a regular basis -- until recently, that is. And only a couple of weeks in, I'm quickly discovering that meal planning is even more cost-effective and convenient than I thought it would be. Plus, it suits the OCD part of my personality very, very well.

I have to thank Jessie for her awesome Monday Meal Planning posts that never fail to inspire me. I also have to thank Lisa, who inspired me to go one step further and assign weekly "theme nights" for dinner. This idea fits our growing family very well, and it helps me focus when I'm going through my massive binders and multitudes of cookbooks trying to decide on something for dinner.

So without further ado, I present to you my inaugural Weekly Meal Plan -- which, I just noticed, is quite pig-heavy this week. Guess what the pregnant lady is craving! At this rate the baby will come out oinking.

Monday -- Soup or Salad: Cream cheese potato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon and tomato

Tuesday -- Pasta: Springy shells, breadsticks, salad

Wednesday -- Grilling: Grilled pizzas with hot sausage, peppers and onions, and oregano ricotta (except probably without the oregano, since the rabbits have eaten all of mine)

Thursday -- Quick and Easy: Spring chicken roll-ups, baked potatoes

Friday -- Burgers and Fries: Jerk pork cheeseburgers with green apple slaw, fries

Saturday -- Regional or International: Probably nothing. We're attending Joe's family's annual Fourth of July cookout earlier in the day and will most likely stuff ourselves beyond belief.

Sunday -- Comfort Food: Pork chops with roasted garlic cream sauce, roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli


Donna-FFW said...

I will be there Thursday.

Jessie said...

I may be a huge dork, but I love meal planning. I used to do it by the month, but I changed to weekly because then I got to do it more often. I've often thought of doing theme nights, but instead usually arrange it by protein (making sure we're not having beef every night and that there is at least one vegetarian meal per week).