Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Give-Away Winner!

Thanks to all of you who commented in my very first give-away. I had a lot of fun hosting it, and hopefully I'll be able to do more in the future. I loved hearing about all of your favorite Christmas cookies, and you gave me lots of ideas for my holiday baking this year. Now, without further ado, here's the winner:

...Okay, well for some reason the website won't let me import the little box thingy, so I'm copying and pasting and you just have to trust me:

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Result: 8
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Anth said:
Are you aware that you are the cutest blogger ever? A giveaway! A lovely idea and I am really hoping 8 is my lucky number! Ha ha

My favorite Christmas cookie is a tie between cranberry pistachio cookies and good
old sugar cookies in Christmas shapes with icing. If you like cranberry &
pistachio, I bet you'd like
these cookies.
Congratulations, Anth -- it looks like 8 was your lucky number after all! I will definitely be trying those pistachio cranberry cookies very soon -- they sound delicious! E-mail me your info at cassiecraves [at] yahoo [dot] com so I can get your prize mailed out to you!

Thanks again to all of you who played along!


Lisa K said...

Dang it! Couldn't you have rigged it so I won? =)

Anth said...

Huzzah! I am so excited. Thanks Cassie!