Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Re-Make Re-Cap

If you're wondering how my January has been, take into account the fact that I just now remembered that I owe you a monthly re-make re-cap post today. The entire month has flown by, and as we begin February, I'm feeling behind on pretty much everything, even though I'm really not. But it has definitely been a struggle to keep up at times!

On to this month's re-cap. During this busy month, cooking dinner tended to fall by the wayside. But we still managed to enjoy quite a few of our favorites.

I could eat these Greek beef tacos once a week and never, ever get sick of them. These are ready in just about 15 mintues, and they're full of delicious Greek flavor. This is definitely one of my favorite meals.

There are few things as comforting to me as a big bowl of broccoli soup, and this broccoli-cheddar soup is my family's favorite version. The boys both really love this soup, too, especially if I serve it with grilled cheese sandwiches for dipping.

I love this shredded buffalo chicken salad. The flavors all work so well together, and it's so simple to throw together. This time, instead of adding the avocado to the dressing, I just diced it and mixed it into the salad. I also added tomatoes to the salad this time, which worked really well.

I made this mozzarella-baked gnocchi using whole wheat gnocchi I found at Aldi. This meal is always a winner in our house; it's so simple and flavorful. The stringy mozzarella cheese is just so divine, and makes this really special.

I don't normally do this, but this time I am making an exception: I've updated the photo on the original post for this spinach and chicken tortilla bake. This recipe is so good that it really needs a presentable photo. When I made it this time around, I used a 9-inch pie plate rather than a square baking dish, and I found that worked much better. I also cut the spinach into ribbons so it absorbed into the sauce more evenly.

I made our favorite spinach dip for Will's birthday party earlier this month and it was, as always, a huge hit. This stuff is insanely good and so, so simple. I highly recommend making it for the Super Bowl this weekend! This time, I pre-portioned spoonfuls of it into tortilla cups (like I recently did for these spinach-artichoke bites), and they were so easy to eat.

Roasted potatoes are definitely one of my go-to side dishes. They always turn out perfectly crispy and delicious. I could probably eat an entire pound of them on my own. Don't tell anyone I said that.

This cheesy sausage penne is a near-monthly occurrence in my house, and whenever I make it, Joe and I have to fight with the boys for the leftovers. It's that good.

It had been way too long since I last made these individual shrimp pot pies, and I had practically forgotten how delicious they really are. I served them with mashed potatoes this time for soaking up all of the leftover broth, and that was a very, very wise decision.

Last week was the sixth anniversary of my mom's passing, so I made her creamed chicken over biscuits for dinner. The boys love this meal, and it means so much to me for them to be able to share my memories of her with them through her food. 

I forgot how much I love these ranch chicken tacos since the last time I made them. They just really hit the spot for me this time around. In addition to the toppings in the picture, we also added diced tomato. These are just so flavorful and so, so good.


Debbie said...

All the dishes look great Cassie....Love the shredded Buffalo Chicken salad.....

Abby said...

I love the idea of that salad, too! Pinning lots of these!