Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekly Meal Planning, Week of 7.11.11

I've been feeling uninspired with my meal-planning lately. This happens to me every once in a while. I sit down to plan out our weekly menu, and my mind is completely blank. I usually use weeks like this to comb my starred items in Google Reader for ideas, and I never fail to find something that sounds delicious. So I'm pretty happy with how the meal plan turned out this week.

Monday: Pepper jack, chicken, and peach quesadillas, Mexican sour cream rice. I got some yummy peaches from the farmers' market yesterday, and as long as I can resist them for the next couple of days, I'm excited to use them in these quesadillas.

Tuesday: Brats, sauerkraut, French fries. Yes, that's right: Brats again. I told you we eat them a lot during the summer! Plus, my younger son apparently loves sauerkraut, so it'll be a good excuse for him to eat some. I know, who knew?

Wednesday: Mexican chicken lettuce wraps. The recipe calls for these to be served cold, but I'm planning on serving them warm and changing up the ingredients a little bit.

Thursday: BBQ chicken and cole slaw wraps, chips. Joe still has his softball games on Thursdays, so this meal will be something really quick I can make for us before he has to leave.

Friday: Avocado eggs benedict with chipotle hollandaise and hash browns. This is the meal I'm most looking forward to the whole week!

Saturday: Caribbean jerk chicken tacos, roasted sweet potatoes

Sunday: Tomato, caramelized onion, and brie galette, salad

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emealplanner said...

That same lack of inspiration hit me last week! Happens to all of us meal planners sometimes, I guess! :) Luckliy, I was more inspired this week.