Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Green Egg Candies

Did you know that tomorrow is Dr. Seuss’s birthday? Unless you have a kid in school, you probably didn’t. My sons’ daycare always celebrates Dr. Seuss for the entire week of his birth, with fun themed days like Silly Hat Day and Pajama Day. Today happens to be Green Eggs and Ham Day, during which they’ll march up and down the halls of the daycare reciting lines from Green Eggs and Ham. What I wouldn’t give to see that. I can’t even imagine how cute it must be!

Anyway, as a former English major who will do just about anything to inspire the love of books in my boys and their friends, I decided to make a little themed treat for them today. Last year I made these fun cupcakes, but this year I went for something even simpler than that: green egg candies.

If you have two ingredients and two minutes to spare, you can make these too. They’re beyond easy, and they’re such a fun little treat. These are a great way to get your kids interested in reading. You could even use yellow M & Ms for the yolks to make more traditional eggs.

I know I saw a yellow-yolk version of these on a blog, but it was a long time ago and for the life of me I can’t remember where. If you know, please let me know in the comments so I can give proper credit for the idea!

Green Egg Candies

6 ounces (half of a 12-ounce bag) white chocolate chips
1 teaspoon vegetable oil
20 green M & Ms

1. Mix vegetable oil and white chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl. Heat in 30 second increments until fully melted and smooth.

2. Using a spoon, dollop 20 circles of white chocolate on a baking sheet lined with wax paper (they don’t have to be perfect circles; they look more egg-like if they’re not).

3. Top each “egg” with a green M & M yolk, slightly off-center. Refrigerate until completely cool.



ann said...

I love Dr. Suess. Every book of his is my favorite. Very cute idea for the green eggs

Allison said...

Well look at you, Martha!!! How adorable!

Natalie said...

too fun! love this idea!

The Daily Smash said...

how fun my son is also having dr suess week at preschool he is so excited I bet he would love to make these. Thanks for the idea


Emily Claire said...

you inspired me! I made these TODAY for my roommate who teaches Special Education to take for her class tomorrow for Dr. Seuss day! They look amazing and literally took 2 minutes!

Cara said...

Now look who's got the cute themed snack ideas! My son's school is also celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday at preschool this week, and I've been trying to come up with something fun for us to do at home. My guy doesn't eat eggs, so the traditional green eggs and ham are out. This is such a neat and easy little treat!

Keri said...

Oh my gosh, what an amazing idea! I'm totally going to make these with Hadley today!!

Smokeygirl said...

i love this! even though his b day has passed i am going to make these with my son tomorrow and bring them and the book green eggs and hame to his class on friday thanks for sharing

Big Dan said...

You're such a cool Mom. I can't wait until I get to do stuff like this for the girls. By the way, Toys R Us is having a sale on Dr. Suess books, buy two and get the third one free. We're hitting them up this weekend!

Katie said...

Note to self...sign out of husbands google account before commenting above...lol.

Sam said...

this is adorable!great idea!