Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekly Meal Planning, Week of 12.20.10

Not only am I posting my meal plan one day late, I also haven't even gone grocery shopping yet this week. I spent the entire weekend doing this:

I'll be sharing the recipes with year. Is that mean? I just don't want to overload the blog with tons of recipes the actual week of Christmas.

Anyway, this is a light week for us. A couple of meals are carrying over from last week (since I was baking all weekend, I just didn't get around to actually making dinner for us), and the second half of the week is all Christmas, all the time.

Monday: Chinese food

Tuesday: Chicken lasagna

Wednesday: Pasta and meatballs meatloaf

Thursday: Gnocchi and tomato bake. This is the second time we’ve had this. We love it; it just doesn’t photograph well. I’ll try to get a better picture this time so I can share it with you!

Friday: Christmas Eve dinner (two of ‘em)

Saturday: Christmas breakfast casserole; Christmas Day dinner

Sunday: Yet another family Christmas dinner!


Monica H said...

Your cookie trays are beautiful Cassie. I'll send you my address :-)

Desi said...

Love the Christmas tree trays, and your santa nutter butters are adorable! You sure did do alot of baking! I did none! And are those buckeyes I see?

Hope you like Krista's chicken lasagna. We sure did!