Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekly Meal Planning, Week of 6.18.12

Well, we've certainly had an interesting few days! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend celebrating the dads in your life! We took my dad out for dinner on Saturday night, then yesterday we spent the day with Joe's family, cooking out and swimming (before the rain came, that is). I'd intended to post the meal plan last night, but I had incredibly important things to do -- you know, like watch True Blood.

And then I was going to post it this morning, but Will and I ended up having a pretty exciting day. He fell at daycare this morning and busted his lip on the edge of a table, and after the pediatrician looked at it, she ordered us to the hospital for stitches. While we were waiting for the suture team, he entertained himself by taking "pictures" of me with his phone.


He ended up getting two stitches, and was such a brave boy. He fell asleep in the car, stayed asleep when we got home, and is still sleeping. I figured I'd try to post this quickly before I have to go pick up his brother from preschool.

Due to our busy weekend, a couple of the meals from last week are carrying over. The rest are new, and I'm pretty excited to try all of them.

Monday: Peach pecan chicken sandwiches with jalapeno mayonnaise, corn on the cob. A carry-over from last week. I have the chicken soaking in buttermilk as I type this. Yum!

Tuesday: Chicken and basil stuffed twice baked potatoes, steamed broccoli -- except instead of the basil, I'll use prepared pesto, and maybe add a little bit of cream cheese for creaminess.

Wednesday: Baked BBQ chicken taquitos, rice. To say that Joe is excited about this meal would be a massive understatement. I have a ton of packaged rices that I bought when they were on sale, so I'll just use one of those for a quick and easy side.

Thursday: Joe has a softball game, so no cooking for me!

Friday: Ranch chicken tacos and Mexican rice. I haven't decided what recipe I'm going to use for the rice yet, so if you have a good one, please send it my way!

Saturday: Maple sausage and waffle breakfast casserole (another carry-over from last week).

Sunday: Gouda bacon cheeseburgers with smothered onions, spinach dip and crackers. This burger is based on a Rachael Ray recipe, which I know is in one of my cookbooks, but I'm not sure which one. I should probably figure that out.

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