Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekly Meal Planning, Week of 11.15.10

This week is all about catching up on the meals I'd planned and shopped for in previous weeks, but never got around to making for various reasons (but mostly because one or all of us were sick). For that reason, this week's grocery list was very short, and I spent less money on groceries than I have in a long time. WIN.

: Mini meatloaves, pimiento macaroni and cheese

Wednesday: Dogs in a blanket, fries

Thursday: Onion chowder with cheesy onion popovers

Friday: No cooking

Saturday: Chili

Sunday: Chili dogs, fries


Kelly said...

You should seriously start a restaurant or something.

Debbie said...

What day can you set an extra plate???

Desi said...

I did the same thing this week... catchin up on old meals... which meant less money at the grocery store... yay! those egg tostadas sound good!

Evan Raymonds said...

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