Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Re-Make Recap

Before I start this month's recap, I just wanted to remind you that Google Reader will be going away tomorrow (*sob*). I've migrated my subscriptions to Feedly, which I'm liking so far. If you would like to keep reading (and I hope you do!) you can migrate to a new reader, or you can always subscribe by e-mail on the left side of the page!

Now that that's out of the way -- on to the recap, which I think is a pretty good one. I brought back quite a few of our favorites this month.

We're not quite to the height of zucchini season yet, but when you find yourself drowing in it in a couple of months, this rigatoni with bacon, zucchini and cream is the perfect way to use it...repeatedly. When I made it this time, I added in some summer squash as well. This is one delicious, luscious pile of pasta.

I made these bacon and egg quesadillas two more times this month. We just absolutely love them, and they're such a quick and simple weeknight dinner. I will say that when I make them now, I very rarely cook the quesadillas in the bacon drippings -- I just brown them in a separate skillet using cooking spray. They're just as delicious that way, and a little healthier too.

I actually made two batches of pepperoni pizza puffs this month: one for dinner one night, and one for the boys to take in their lunches throughout the week. They absolutely love these things. I've been meaning to experiment with different pizza-like add-ins, but I haven't gotten around to it because we all love this version so much.

These sweet potato and black bean foil packet tacos are one of Joe's favorite meals, and if you knew how carnivorous he is, you'd be really impressed with this statement. They're so flavorful and filling, we don't miss the meat at all. I did make one change this time: I used salsa in the packets rather than tomato sauce, and I'll definitely be doing that going forward. It made them even more flavorful.

I made creamy stovetop mac and cheese twice this month, too: once as a side dish for some of Joe's grilled ribs (mmm...) and once as a main dish. When I made it as a main dish, I added bacon and broccoli -- both delicious additions. It made me remember being a kid, when my mom used to mix the boxed broccoli Velveeta with the boxed bacon Velveeta. Ahh, childhood.

Shrimp po' boys are Joe's absolute favorite meal, so I made these sandwiches for him for Father's Day dinner. They were just as much a treat for me, honestly, because I just can't get enough of this sandwich (the sauce, in particular).

This chicken parmesan pasta is one of those back-pocket dishes for me. I always have these ingredients on hand, it comes together so quickly, and it's always a hit with everyone in my family.

I had completely forgotten about these jerk pork cheeseburgers with green apple slaw, but I was reminded of them when I made another recipe with ground pork. Once I was reminded of them, I couldn't get them out of my mind. Thankfully, they were just as delicious as I remembered. The slaw is amazing, and the perfect complement to the spicy-sweet burgers.

I love a good five-ingredient meal, esepcially when that meal is as delicious as these spinach lasagna rolls. They're just so simple, and so, so good.

When I was cleaning out my freezer recently, I discovered a plastic bag full of pureed butternut squash that I'd cooked...sometime. I have no idea when. I decided to put it to good use and whip up a batch of these delicious butternut squash enchiladas. Much like the sweet potato and black bean foil packet tacos, these are so flavorful and filling that you won't even miss the meat. Joe and I have happily been eating these enchiladas for dinner for the past two nights.

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The Wyricks said...

Love your blog!! And your name ;) I am going to be having my first baby in a few months and would love if you could do a post of easily freezable meals.