Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly Meal Planning, Week of 2.14.11

Well, after all my big talk about sticking to the meal plan last week, I completely didn't follow through. My husband recently started a new job that requires him to work some evenings, and on those nights, it's hard for me to get motivated to make a big dinner for just the boys and me -- especially when they're happy with something simple, like chicken nuggets or spaghettios. So I slacked. But no matter what nights he has to work this week, I really want to make sure I have some kind of healthy-ish dinner prepared to keep us from eating junk all the time.

: Open-faced hamburger cheesesteaks. We really know how to have a romantic Valentine's Day, huh?

: Creamy chicken and wild rice soup, rolls

: Garlic spaghetti, garlic bread

: Pulled chicken suiza sandwiches

: No cooking

: Cuban sandwiches (made with this pernil, sweet potato fries

Sunday: Creamy pesto chicken casserole


Parisa said...

I love your weekly plans. I am really quite terrible at coming up with food plans, especially being in college so your plans (and recipes) are a great relief to me.

thanks soo much!

Have a great valentines day with the hubby (=

Deborah said...

I'm hoping you tried the garlic spaghetti this week. I made it and posted about it - I was amazed. LOVED IT!!