Monday, August 6, 2012

Grilled Hawaiian Chicken Sandwiches for a Sixth Anniversary

Today I'm guest posting over at A Taste of Home Cooking. My friend Sarah's blog recently reached the six year milestone, and she's celebrating with a week of guest posts. I could choose any recipe from her blog to make, and I chose these delicious sandwiches. Go check out my post, and be sure to congratulate Sarah on this huge accomplishment!


Sarah - The Home Cook said...

Thank YOU so much for celebrating with me. :)

Cook LA said...

Thanks for posting the recipe with pics.

gluten free foods said...

Optional ingredients to add more to this chicken salad although not all of these ingredients may taste well together: seasoned salt to taste, curry powder, rosemary, other herbs, sliced grapes, sliced celery, diced water chestnuts, almonds, or anything else you might like to try.